Hi, I’m Bandit – aka Heather

What do you call a one handed would-be Poler?
Answer: Bandit!

That Pole Doll name has been mine for a while now because I was always doing my Spins, one-handed!

My Pole journey began with a Bucket List of things to do before I was 50; in the same year that I learned to sail and tried my hand at skiing, the one thing that I tried but didn’t want to give up was Pole!

Back in 2007, after having to wait some weeks to join a class, I met both Princess K and Tiger Lily and we soon became great friends through our shared Pole addiction.

Tiger Lily and I followed Princess K into her PKF business when she became a Pole Instructor and were among the first students at her first class. Six years on, we both still attend our regular Friday evening class and still love it just as much!

In 2013, I had a shoulder injury and surgery forced me to stop my Pole fun for quite some time whilst I recovered. This coincided with being made redundant from the job that I’d had for 20 years – to say it was a tough time would be an under-statement! Pole came to my rescue again and I started working as PKF admin every Tuesday.

Thankfully, following surgery in December 2014, I’m back and steadily building up my strength and confidence again. Pole is very forgiving like that and with some muscle memory, anything is possible!

Pole has given me strength, friendship, employment, enjoyment and so much more than I expected the first time I tried Spinning!

By day, you might find me working in retail, with my two gorgeous daughters or walking my Cocker-Poo, Rory, but, by night …

I’m Bandit, always trying the one-handed Spins first, having fun while I get fitter and stronger, and willing to try any new Move I’m given – join me, I’ll look after you!