Hi, I’m Dallas – aka Debbie

I clearly remember my first foray into Pole, with two young children at home, I’d reached the point of wanting to get back into doing something for myself.

I was quite terrified when I entered the studio because I hadn’t exercised properly in years, and I wasn’t feeling all that great or confident, in myself.  Well, as you can now see, I’ve never looked back!

I needn’t have worried, the atmosphere at that first session was welcoming and friendly, and although the class was tough, it was so worth it.  Every new Pole Move bought new challenges with new reasons to celebrate.

I love the fact that Pole isn’t just about getting fit; it also gives you confidence in yourself and your body.  Women of all ages, shapes and sizes attend classes, and they are all really supportive of each other.

Over the past five years, I’ve done so much more than I could ever have imagined – I’ve worked through the PDC AAP Gradings achieving Level 4 status; I’ve entered the Solent Pole Competition twice, placing 3rd in the Intermediate category was an amazing achievement; I also recently performed a Doubles Routine with Tiger Lily at a charity event.

Now, I’ve trained to become an Instructor; and one of the most important reasons behind that decision for me, was the desire to help other people enjoy ‘being’ themselves and to encourage them to love who they are.

I have a dance background having attended tap, ballet and modern classes for many years; and at university, I played netball and rugby.  I think, like most of us at Princess K Fitness, I’m perhaps not a typical fitness Instructor, Pole really makes me want to get fitter to achieve the next Pole Move.

Languages, and being a mum, are my passions, and Pole makes me better at both because it makes me happy.

By day, I’m mum to two gorgeous girls; a freelance translator and run my own business teaching French and Spanish to pre-schoolers – Muchachos Singing Spanish and C’est Chouette Singing French.

But, by night …..

I become Dallas, the sassier version of my usual personality who loves practising Handstands in classes; I’m really looking forward to sharing my fun-loving determination with you and encouraging you to love your Handstands too!