What do I wear?

The first few sessions are all about getting comfortable with the group and the class, so please wear whatever you would normally wear to the gym – whatever you feel comfortable in. We do the sessions in bare feet – it is so much easier, not to mention safer!

Who else is doing Pole?

Pole classes are designed to combine fun with fitness, which is why it is so popular with the celebs – Demi Moore, Danni Minogue, Jennifer Aniston and Teri Hatcher have all tried it too. We pride ourselves on a non-judgemental environment – everyone is welcome regardless of age, ability, shape, size or gender.

What should I expect at my first few classes?

Expect to have fun! You may feel a bit nervous but everyone does when they first start learning a new skill; this will change. Before too long, you will realise that we do take things at a simple pace to start with – introducing you to the concept of Pole. You will make progress in your own time and won’t be expected to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Do I need to be very strong?

Pole is designed to help improve your strength – you will notice in a very short space of time that your strength is increasing. You don’t need to be strong to start with but you will be stronger by the end of your first course!

I’ve never danced before – do I need to understand complicated choreography?

We do teach choreographed routines but they are very simple and broken down into easy moves. Any dancers in the class can expand on what we teach and everyone is able to ‘add in their own personality’.

Will we get aerobically fit?

Although you will do some cardio work, Pole is not about jumping up and down and really working out like that – you can, however, burn up to 300 calories each class. We mainly work on core strength, upper body strength, flexibility and posture. We encourage you to do an aerobic activity alongside your Pole classes – we certainly do! The medical benefits of Pole are well recognised now:- from muscular strength and endurance with core strength and stability to flexibility and coordination. It is a good all round workout!

Will I be expected to go ‘upside down’ and do lots of spins within a few lessons?

Unless you have previous experience – don’t be daunted by the thought that you are expected to ‘do’ anything.
The courses are designed to be progressive with everyone learning the same moves each week for at least the first 6-12 weeks. However, everyone learns a new skill at a different rate and you will not be expected to do anything beyond your capability.
Once you have mastered some basics, it will be up to you when you want to progress further. You may want to ‘have a go’ at some point and step out of your comfort zone though – so do be prepared to challenge yourself! Crash mats are available whenever required – safety comes first!

What happens if I have to miss a class?

If you’re unable to make it to one of your classes during a course, let us know in advance and you’re welcome to join in with another class to make up the session you’ve missed. Please note that we do have to make a charge for classes booked and not attended, where we are given less than 24 hours notice.

How many students per pole are there on a course?

We aim to work with no more than 3 students per pole to avoid ‘Pole Watching’ but this does vary with each class, sometimes it is less!

How many poles are there?

This varies depending on the venue, we use between 3-4 Xpoles per class.

All our poles can be static or spinning!

Are there any medical reasons why I shouldn’t try Pole?

Prior to starting any course, we ask you to complete a medical questionnaire (PARQ) and we can discuss any issues that you may feel relevant. If you have recently had surgery or had a baby, then you should allow yourself to recover physically for approximately 12 weeks. You can always contact us to discuss any queries or consult your own doctor.

What about high heels?

Whilst ‘performing’ Pole with choreography is easier in heels, if you are used to them; it is often more productive to learn spins and moves in bare feet. Learning in bare feet also reduces the risk of injuries, such as twisted ankles; and when learning climbing or inverts, it is definitely easier to learn without the heels.

What if I want to order my own pole?

We buy all our poles and stages through Xpole, the UK’s leading importer of ‘Vertical Leisure’ products – if you wish to order any of their products, review their website www.verticalleisure.co.uk, then contact us via email with your required items. As an Xpole registered school, we receive a discount that is passed on to our students.

I’m still not too sure whether I want to book for a whole course, what if I don’t like it?

Why not come along to a Pole Taster session! We run dedicated Pole Taster sessions from time to time so you can choose to book up and join with other ‘newbies’. Alternatively, we can discuss which class is best for you to ‘gate-crash’. Tasters are just £10 per session!

Do you do Hen Parties, Birthday Parties & other events? If so, what can you offer and how much do you charge?

Yes, we love bringing added fun to Hen Parties, Birthday Parties – or parties for any reason really!
We can offer Pole or one of our other Workshops – Burlesque, Strut or Risqué – or any combination of the sessions that we offer – the choice is entirely yours!
We usually charge £120-£150 for up to 2 hours – this include the venue, Instructor and equipment hire.  We can arrange your event at one of our regular studios or venues unless you have somewhere in mind.  We are able to supply gifts for your guests and to make sure that your room is decorated with fun in mind!
We can work with you to choose music to suit your taste, or that of your Hen, and will plan a Routine to work with it too!

For Pole, we have two transportable Pole stages, if they are needed for your venue.  We may have to restrict the numbers for Pole, for safety reasons, depending on the venue.

Numbers are not limited for our other Workshops!
We will request that no alcohol is consumed prior to one of our sessions, for safety reasons, and reserve the right to refuse to continue with the session if we feel that this request has not been respected.

Do you have an age limit?

The nature of our classes involves expressions of sexuality and sensuality, and whilst the fitness elements of our repertoire are fine for students under 16, the saucy moves are not considered appropriate – sorry! There is no upper age limit!

I have another question that is not covered here then …

Please contact us on – 023 9246 0606 or 07769 896155 or email Princess K on karen@princessk.co.uk