Princess K is recognised as a 4 star Instructor for maintaining high standards of safe and thorough teaching; and for her continued contribution to the Pole industry in promoting its positive image.

Our Instructor team are all recognised by PDC as 3 star level Instructors.
The following students have also progressed through the PDC AAP:-

Level 4
Dallas (aka Debbie) – Instructor

Level 3
Guy K’Andi (aka Andy) – Instructor
Tiger Lily (aka George) – Instructor
Minxie (aka Glenda) – Student

Level 2

Ruby Fire (aka Jo) – Instructor
Tallulah (aka Sophie) – Student

Level 1
Sweetlove (aka Jesse) – Instructor
Miss Adventure (aka Johanna) – Student
Amethyst Blush (aka Amy) – Student
Amy Ellis – Student

Students beginning their PDC AAP grading progression:-
Just Lydie (aka Lydie) – Instructor
Desire (aka Alice) – Student
Misty Rose (aka Theresa) – Student
Tara – Student

(April 2018)