Past Events

Cupid’s Cuties
Sunday 11 February 2018

What a fun and energetic workshop we had. A very cheeky, ‘Let’s be bad’ themed Burlesque routine, followed by some very ‘Cheap Thrills’ during Strut with Guy K’Andi. Tiger Lily was ever so raunchy with her unforgettable Risqué Floor workshop routine.

xx Guy K’Andi xx

PureStretch Workshop
Wednesday 4 May 2016 (7pm)IMG_2220

What a fantastic PureStretch class, we all left feeling longer, more flexible and chilled.
We even tried forearm headstands as an extra challenge.
Look out for more PureStretch classes coming soon.

xx Guy K’Andi xx

Jo Dandrige Masterclass
Friday 15 April 2016 (6pm & 7.30pm)
Jo Dandridge pic 320
PKF were thrilled to host Jo Dandridge, the owner of The Fitness Hangout and a UK Xpert Master Trainer for a second visit,  to teach us some fabulous Pole Flow; learning how to combine and link Spins, Transitions and Floor Moves.
Jo always makes her Pole Flows blend effortlessly and seamlessly so it was fun to learn a variety of simple Spins in some interesting combinations.
We all agreed that adding the Pole Flows into our regular classes will make all our Moves more fluid.
Jo also taught us the theory behind creating tension and opposition for Moves on the Pole, which we then learned to put into practice with some challenges combos

Princess K instructor Training SessionBody S 320 320
Saturday 2 April 2016

A few of the PKF Instructor team took some time out on a Saturday to work on their own Progress Sheets.  It can be tough for the team to find time to fit in their own training but they enjoy it when they can.  This was an opportunity for the group to share some new ideas too.  Another session is planned soon!

MIND charity event
Saturday 13 February 2016

PKF were invited by Mark Lewis, a well known Chichester hairdresser, to take part in his first charity event on behalf of MIND (the mental health charity). Click on the hyperlinks to be taken to the Princess K YouTube channel to see the routines.
Princess K, Guy K’Andi, Tiger Lily and Dallas showcased a fabulous Strut Routine complete with a pink catwalk – the guests, smartly in the black ties and gorgeous gowns, were whooping and cheering, clearly enjoying every minute!
Just Lydie followed this with a beautifully atmospheric Pole Routine performed to Hold Back the River by James Bay.  Looking like a natural, Just Lydie showed us what she’s capable of, much to the enjoyment of the students who’d joined us to support her.
Sassy naughtiness was the fabulous finale from our own dynamic duo, Tiger Lily and Dallas; lots of cheekiness in all sorts of ways!  A fun Doubles Routine to Respectable by Mel and Kim enthralled the crowd and left them wanting more.
A great show of strength, timing and fun that will undoubtedly leading to some Taster sessions and Workshops for some of the guests!!
Here’s a video to show some of the fun we had!

Tiger Tone Inter Studio Pole Competition
Saturday 16 January 2016

A brand new Pole competition to the south coast, and, finally, one local to PKF!
Five local Pole studios agreed to take part in a ‘friendly’ competition with three categories – Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced.
PKF had four very brave, willing and able students competing:- (Click the links to see their routines on YouTube)
BeginnersAmethyst Blush (aka Amy)
IntermediatesPeaches (aka Justyna) and Lady Phoenix (aka Georgia)
AdvancedMinxie (aka Glenda)

We were so incredibly proud of all our students, the competition was tough!
Lady Phoenix achieved a 2nd place in her category!
All the students are keen to continue their competitive Pole journey which means that they definitely had a good time and, sometimes, it is just about the taking part!!

Full videos can be found on our YouTube channel.

Annie Norris Masterclass
Friday 15 January 2016

PKF favourite, Annie, visited us once again to share her vast Pole knowledge with us.  We always learn such great new tricks with her, along with unusual variations of well known Moves for our repertoire!
This time, we looked at some alternative entries to Superman – a Nemesis Move for many!  We tackled some alternative grips for Hitch Kicks and combined Reverse Grab Spin with a Split – certainly plenty to work on for some time to come!
As always, Annie treated us to a stunning Routine – which we are sharing here!
Annie was also on the judging panel the next day for the Tiger Tone IPSC.