Gradings are a great way to recognise your hard work at classes, and to chart your Pole journey progression.

PDC photo with Glenda and Karen

They are also a perfect way to create new goals and promote Pole to your friends and family.

The (PDC) Pole Dance Community was set up in 2009 by husband and wife team, Sid and Sam Remmer.  Its mission was to create a membership system allowing professional pole instructors to self regulate the new and growing industry.  The PDC Code of Conduct was designed by the members and agreed upon as well as minimum training requirements and fair pricing policies.  By these measures, PDC membership became the way to recognise legitimate, professionally run pole schools, nationally and internationally.  PDC also works as an advocacy group, talking directly with underwriters, politicians and the media helping them to better understand the Pole industry.

PKF actively promote the PDC AAP, and our syllabus works in conjunction with their grading levels; we now have many PKF Pole Dolls working their way through the PDC’s internationally recognised levels of achievement for Pole Moves.

PDC Passport PicThe PDC AAP costs £30 initially plus a £10 yearly renewal fee and your first grading is free with Princess K Fitness!

There is a nominal charge of just £10 for each grading after Level 2, and official PDC certificates are available at each level for £8.

Gradings are run every 2-3 months with Princess K, and Pole Dolls are required to demonstrate a short Warm Up, 10 Moves at the relevant level, a Routine combining those 10 Moves and a short Cool Down.  Your Routine may contain other ‘level appropriate’ Moves; it does not have to be more than 1 minute long, or to be shown to music although that can be easier – it is entirely your choice!

Your Instructor can assist with your chosen Moves for your grading, as well as your Routine.

Grading dates always start with a Top Up so that you have one final chance to practice your Moves and Routine.

If you are interested, then take a look at the PDC AAP page on their website by following the logo here to find out more about this exciting and innovative programme with complete syllabus information.



Contact ✨Princess K✨ for the date of the next PDC grading


Lady Rose (aka Amy) looks very pleased with herself – and rightly so!
Here she is receiving her PDC AAP Level 1 certificate