Balancing your mind & body through Stretch!

 (Workshops – £8/person)

At Princess K Fitness, we believe that our bodies need a little tlc from time to time, to enable us all to maximize our busy lives for work and play, so we’re delighted to bring PureStretch to our students.

PureStretch is designed to lengthen and strengthen the entire body.  Stretching is a vital part of improving your athletic ability.

Flexibility is also an important part of a Pole Doll’s repertoire.

Our PureStretch Workshops will help you increase your flexibility, mobility and range of movement in a relaxing atmosphere that will benefit you whether you are a Pole Doll or not!

Improvements can be made regardless of your starting point.

A more flexible muscle has the ability to help you become stronger and faster.  The majority of people repeat the same stretches time and time again, but by using a varied and progressive stretch routine you can maximise your flexibility rather than limiting the muscles potential.

Guy K’Andi, PKF’s most experienced fitness instructor, will help you to improve your flexibility, increase your core stability and, most importantly, put the fun into stretching!

Stretch your mind
Give your body the gift of balance!