Risqué (PKF’s version of Lap/Chair!)
Sensual, Flirtatious Fun!

Workshops – £10 per person

Princess K Fitness is very glad to be bringing you our own version of the Lap/Chair Dance Workshop – Risqué; a fun, flirtatious, confidence building Workshop that will make you hot in more ways than one!

Sassy seduction is the order of the day for our Risqué Workshops – you’ll still be working those abs and thighs along with your balance and co-ordination.

You’ll learn some of the Sensual Skills and Poses of this supremely sexy art, to help you create a Saucy Routine that’s sure to please.  At the same time, you’ll be working on building your self-confidence and harnessing the power of the Siren within.

This Workshop aims to empower you, by allowing you to express your sensuality, silently but boldly – all in the most safe and secure, non-judgemental environment.  This is not a strip club lap dance and there is definitely no nudity – it is much more subtle, much more seductive, alluring and teasing!

Tiger Lily is the Mistress of Sexiness at PKF, her Body Waves are the stuff of legend!  She will encourage your individuality and laughter in equal measure to ensure that you feel at your most fabulous!

Release your sexiest self
Embrace your Inner Kitten!

Available for Hen Parties

Please email for pricing and availability