Strut (The Stiletto Workout)
Sashay with Attitude!

Workshops – £10 per person

Princess K Fitness is proud, and very excited, to be able to bring you the fabulous, confidence-boosting Strut (The Stiletto Workout) created by dance instructor extraordinaire, Zoe McNulty.

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” – Marilyn Monroe
“Teach a girl how to Strut and she will be unstoppable!!” – Zoe McNulty

Find your inner Marilyn, J-Lo or Beyoncé in this innovative dance and conditioning workshop which not only prepares you to wear your heels more comfortably and for longer, but will give you confidence in abundance – you’ll be stopping traffic!

The 4 phases of Strut take you through:-

  • Conditioning exercises relevant for high heel wearing – in trainers
  • An easy to pick up, Sexy and Sassy dance routine – in trainers
  • A runway catwalk to practice the Strutting and Posing – in heels
  • Your finalé ….. the performance – definitely, in heels!

Workshops are run by Guy K’Andi along with either Tiger Lily or Ruby Fire.
Guy K’Andi is an experienced Aerobics Instructor who adores Strutting in heels

Guaranteed to boost your confidence
Reveal your Inner Strutter!

Available for Hen Parties

Please email for pricing and availability.