Hi, I’m Sweetlove – aka Jesse

My fitness background really started when I wanted to lose a few pounds after having my son. I’d tried all kinds of fitness classes, even a personal trainer and, I’m pleased to say, that I did manage to lose quite a bit of weight.

Over time, I became bored with the same routine, and it just stopped being effective – my body wasn’t being challenged anymore. That’s when I decided to try Pole, and I haven’t looked back!

Three years on and I still love it as much as I did at that first class, which I actually attended on my own! I felt so welcome from the second I arrived so I know just how important that is for new students and I will be cheering you on from the moment you join the classes.

I qualified as a Pole Instructor last year and it’s been great being part of the PKF team.

I plan my classes to be fun, confidence boosting, a bit different and just a tad hardcore. I do have the reputation as being the one who will try to get that bit extra from our students so be prepared to work if you come to my classes! I will push you just enough to conquer the Moves and Spins you really want to achieve!

By day I’m a chef on a naval base, Mum to a lovely little boy and a real animal lover but, by night ….

I become Sweetlove, the fun loving Pole Instructor who’s guaranteed to make you work for those Nemesis Moves, join me and watch your ‘guns’ grow ….