Princess K Fitness – Terms & Conditions
Updated: May 2018

Dear Pole Doll

Please make sure you have read the PKF Terms & Conditions (April 2018) that now apply to all Princess K Fitness Pole courses (and/or Workshops); by attending our classes, we have to assume that you agree to our T&Cs:-

We will continue to promote a non-judgemental teaching environment for all Pole Dolls regardless of their fitness levels, flexibility, gender, age and any other factors we can think of!  We would, respectfully, request that our Pole Dolls do the same for each other.

We will only teach Pole Dolls under 18 with parental approval and/or on a case by case basis.

There is a Pole Doll Etiquette list available at each venue – we’d be grateful if you could familiarise yourself with these to ensure that everyone has a great time at their PKF classes.

PKF Pole courses run in blocks of 4 weeks unless stated otherwise.  It is planned to continue to run 2 blocks of 4 weeks (ie 8 weeks) followed by 1 week’s break throughout the year.We will inform you of extra classes and Workshops throughout the year as they are scheduled – early registration is recommended to avoid classes/ Workshops with lower attendee numbers being

We will inform you of extra classes and Workshops throughout the year as they are scheduled – early registration is recommended to avoid classes/ Workshops with lower attendee numbers being cancelled.

All PKF Pole classes, and other Workshops, are booked online via Go Team Up – please follow this link to our dedicated page –

To book your Pole class/Workshop, we recommend that you purchase either a Taster session, a 4 week Class Pack, a single Class or a Workshop; then choose the Schedule option to register on the session/s of your choice.  You can register yourself for every class that you are able to attend providing you have Class ‘credits’ available.

Pricing – all payments are made online unless otherwise agreed with PK

Paying in advance

  • £36 for 4 weeks, if paying in advance

 Paying weekly

  • £11/week
  • (£9 for shift workers who need to check class availability at the start of each week – shift worker status to be discussed with PK)

Tasters – £10/student

Due to our commitment to pay studio hire and Instructor fees, charges will apply to all students for ‘missed’ sessions and late cancellations – all details are given via the online booking system.

We appreciate being able to let Instructors know about late cancellations so that they are able to appropriately plan classes.  Please text Princess K if you are unavoidably unable to attend your class – 07769 896155.

All administration/financial queries must be addressed to Princess K, and dealt with prior to the start of a class via email/text/phone call outside of classes.  Your instructor will not necessarily have all the information required and will probably not have the time to solve your queries during class time.

If you are a regular Pole Doll, you will be kept informed by text/email regarding any details for your on-going course, including late cancellations by us! Please ensure that the phone/email contact details we hold on record for you are up to date.  If a confirmation is required from you, please ensure that you do text back to make sure you do not lose any reservation.

Under new Data Protection Regulations (GDPR – May 2018), we ensure that any data provided by you is held securely and not distributed to any third parties.  You can choose to opt out of our mailing lists at any time, and to have your details removed from our records – if you wish to do so, please email or text PK.  Please also refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

Our classes are designed to provide an on-going, logical progression through the array of Pole Moves that are available for all students – each Pole Doll is provided with their own personalised Progress Sheet for recording achievements.

We provide a safe and effective environment for the group teaching of Pole and have mats of varying thicknesses for use by Pole Dolls when attempting more challenging Moves. Please do not use these mats without informing your Instructor of the Move/s you are planning to do.  If you are subsequently encouraged to practice Moves that you feel are ‘too easy’ for you rather than being ‘allowed’ to try more difficult Moves like Inverts, then we suggest you discuss this with your Instructor outside of the class environment.  The group teaching method cannot facilitate individual Pole Dolls ‘having a go’ at Moves that the Instructor feels they may not be ready for or where there is not adequate time for specific individual tuition.

Pole Dolls ‘spotting’ for each other is useful however it cannot be used for Moves that have not been taught in detail by your Instructor.  We suggest you try the Top Up sessions as an option in this instance or schedule a 1:1 (a private session) with an Instructor.

Pole Dolls are sometimes asked to take part in ‘Routines’ during classes – if you prefer to opt out of this section of a class then you are free to do so, however, this method of instruction is useful to teach Combinations of Moves and Transitions; and even the most reluctant ‘dancer’ can often find her Inner Diva!

If you arrive more than 10 minutes after a class has started then you may not have adequate time for Warming Up and will have to be considered as unable to take part in a session.

Please respect your Instructor’s time in sessions, and if group instruction is being given, please pay attention so that you don’t miss some vital tips and techniques!

We sometimes take photos/videos of Pole Dolls in classes for use on social media and our website; and allow Pole Dolls to do the same.  We have a ‘no tagging’ policy on social media although Pole Dolls can tag themselves.  If you do not wish to be filmed or photographed we will respect your right to privacy, when it is requested.Should you require any further information or have any queries, do contact

Should you require any further information or have any queries, do contact Princess K.

We look forward to helping you to achieve your Pole goals – Happy Pole’ing!

With Love – Your Princess K Fitness team

Princess K, Guy K’Andi, Tiger Lily, Sweetlove, Just Lydie, Ruby Fire & Dallas & Foxy Red
And, of course, Bandit (aka Heather) – in Admin


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